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Our Environmental Policy

Westrail Construction Environmental Policy

Westrail Construction Ltd is committed to protect human health, employee safety and the natural environment; to comply with environmental regulations; to maintain drilling blasting equipment, premises and drill sites in environmentally sound conditions; and to comply with accepted environmental procedures.

Westrail Construction shall:

  • Prevent environmental disruption by complying with applicable laws and regulations, and by following the “Environmental Policy and Guidelines” set out by the governing body and our clients.
  • Assess the potential effects of its drilling blasting projects and integrate protective measures into the planning process to prevent or reduce impacts on the environment and on public health and safety.
  • In the absence of legislation, apply technically proven and practical environmental protection measures throughout drilling blasting operations.
  • Restore drill sites and site locations to acceptable environmental conditions at the termination of projects.
  • Hold management, supervision and all employees accountable for the implementation of this policy.
  • Westrail Construction Ltd. recognizes that all individuals in the workplace, at all levels and functions, must accept their responsibility in achieving the objectives of this environmental policy. A sound and healthy environmental attitude and performance is vital to us all, and to future generations.

Lyle Railton